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            WASHING POWDER

            • Washing Powder
            • Blue Washing Powder
            • Concentrated Detergent Powder
            • Economy Washing Powder
            • Bulk Washing Powder


            WHO ARE WE

            AoGrand Group Inc., based in Nanjing, Jiangsu, P.R.C. Quality Consumer Products Supplier since 2000. Professional on manufacturing and marketing on consumer products. To supply and marketing quality consumer products to global!

            WE ARE FACTORY
            • After 20 years’ development,now our factory covers over 70,000m².
            • Quality consumer products supplier since 2000.
            • Professional on manufacturing and marketing on consumer products.
            WE ARE R&D
            • We owned a provincial certification R&D Laboratory to provide best products fomulation.
            • We can help you test the quality of the sample.
            • Every year, we develop dozens of new products to meet the needs of our customers.
            WE ARE MARKETING
            • Our products are sold to seventy countries around the world.
            • Every year, we will attend more than ten exhibitions at China and abroad.
            • Our product promotion costs exceed US $1 million a year.
            • Professional OEM/ODM factory.
            • Open new mould, imitating fragrance all we can do.
            • If you are not satisfied with the packaging of your product, we can even design a complete set of solutions for you.
            • Every lot packing materials arrived our warehouse we have the QC people to do inspection on it.
            • We have our special inspection people to inspect the quality during the production.
            • We will leave some samples for every batch of products.
            • Our distributors are all over more than 70 countries all over the world.
            • Free use of our company's trademark.
            • If the price of raw materials increase, we will give the distributor a certain price incentives.


            OUR BRANDS

            Our main purpose is to provide superior quality & great value products and services, in order to establish strong and lasting business relationship with our clients and partners.

            CONTACT US NOW!

            *if you did not receive our reply within 24 hours, please resend to our email s@aogrand.com, or call +86-18151000009 directly.

            (We will never, ever spam you – nor sell, trade, or transfer your email to anyone else.)


            Our products such as hand sanitizer are favored by many companies around the world. Aogrand Group is your best choice.

            HOT NEWS

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